Corrosion Resistance Industries Materials

Austenitic stainless sheet can resist the corrosion of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, and urea if it contains Mo, Cu, and other elements. If the carbon content in the austenitic stainless steel sheet is less than 0.03% or contains Ti and Ni, its intergranular corrosion resistance can be improved significantly.

The high silicon austenitic stainless steel sheet has good corrosion resistance to concentrated nitric acid.

The Applications For Stainless Steel Sheet

Expertise In Production

TaiYuDa Steel Group has 12 subsidiary companies all around China, and with total more than 80 machines and processing lines, including calendering process, cold rolled sheets cutting, hot/cold rolled slitting, surface processing, annealing ect., monthly output is 150000 ton and with annual output reaches about 1.5 million ton. TaiYuDa group has strong resource ability and capital advantages, which make us become the first choice to customers all around the world.

Cold Rolled Sheets

 Cutting Line

Thickness: 0.3-3.0mm
Width: 300-1600mm
Length: 300-6000mm

Hot Rolled Slitting

Thickness: 3.0-6.0MM
Width: 500-1650MM
Circle: According To Thickness

Cold Rolled Slitting

Thickness: 0.5-3.0MM
Width: 300-1500MM
Circle: According To Thickness

Surface Processing—No.4

Thickness: 0.5-3.0MM
Width: 300-1500MM
Circle: 800-6000MM

Hot Rolled Plates Cutting

Thickness: 3.0-16.0MM
Width: 800-2000MM
Length: 1000-15000MM

Surface Processing—HL

Thickness: 0.5-3.0MM
Width: 300-1500MM
Circle: 800-4000MM

Specification Of Stainless Steel Sheet

Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet


201/ 202/ 304/ 304L/ 316/ 316L/ 310/ 321/ 409/ 430/ 439/ 410/ 2205

Surface Finishing

#1, 2B, BA, No.4, 8K mirrior, hairline, embossed, etched, vibration, sand blasted, satin finished, anti fingerprint, laminated, wood-effect, stamped, antique, pvd color coated, ti coating, laser cut, ect


0.25~3.0mm (Cold Rolled Sheets)

2.5/ 3.0/ 4.0/ 5.0/ 6.0/ 8.0/ 10.0/ 12.0 mm (Hot Rolled Plates)


1220/ 1250/ 1500 up mm or customized


2000~6000mm or customized


Standard package, Premium Package.


PVC, PE, PET, Laser, colored etc. ( Thickness: 3C,5C,7C,10C, C means micro)

PVD Color

Golden, Rose gold, Ti-gold, Champagne, Brown, Antique brass, Grey, Super black, Cooper, Bronze, Coid, Chrome, Silver, Purple, Violet, Sapphire blue, Blue diamond, Double color, etc.


interior decoration, architecture, bathroom vanity, elevator, hotel decoration, kitchen cabinet, ceiling, kitchen sink, advertising nameplate, facade, building materials, railing, eletric appliance, sculpture, screen, wall clading


Surface finishings



Surface finishing

Surface finishing methods

Main application

# 1


Heat treatment after hot rolling, pickling, or with treatment

For without the purpose of the surface gloss

NO. 2D

Without the SPM

Method of heat treatment after cold rolling, pickling surface roller with wool or eventually a light rolling a matte surface processing

General materials, building materials.

NO. 2B

After SPM

Giving No. 2 processing materials appropriate method of cold light sheen

General materials, building materials ( most of the goods are processed )


Bright annealed

Bright heat treatment after cold rolling, in order to be more shiny, cold light effect

Automotive parts, home appliances, vehicles, medical equipment, food equipment

NO. 3

Shiny, coarse grain processing

The NO. 2D or NO. 2B processing timber No. 100-120 polishing abrasive grinding belt

Building materials, kitchen supplies

NO. 4

After CPL

The NO. 2D or NO. 2B processing timber No. 150-180 polishing abrasive grinding belt

Building materials, kitchen supplies, vehicles, medical equipment, food equipment


Grinding of fine lines

The NO. 2D or NO. 2B processing timber 240 polishing abrasive grinding belt

Kitchen appliances


More than 240 lines of grinding

The NO. 2D or NO. 2B processing timber 320 polishing abrasive grinding belt

Kitchen appliances


Close to BA luster

The MO. 2B timber 400 polishing wheel polishing method

Building materials, kitchen utensils


Polishing line having a long continuous processing

In a suitable size ( usually mostly No. 150-240 grit ) abrasive tape for as long as the hair, having a continuous processing method of polishing line

The most common building materials processing

(hair lines)

NO. 6

NO. 4 processing less than the reflection, the extinction

NO. 4 processing material used for polishing Tampico brushing

Building materials, decorative

NO. 7

Highly accurate reflectance mirror processing

No. 600 of the rotary buff with a polishing

Building materials, decorative

NO. 8

Highest reflectivity mirror finish

Fine particles of abrasive material in order polishing, mirror polishing with a polishing

Building materials, decorative, mirrors

Customized finishings, patterns and colors are welcome.

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More You Want To Realize

  • How to handle the complaint?

    We have our after-sales service team for the communication and every order is with tracking information in our system, customer care always comes first.
  • What is the MOQ requirement?

    We can accept small quantity as trial order at the beginning, as we want to grow together with our customers to be the leader in this industry.
  • What is your payment term?

    We can accept the payment by T/T or L/C at sight.
  • Can you do OEM or ODM?

    Yes, we have a strong developing team. The products can be made according to your request.
  • What information do I need to provide if I want to make an order?

    You need to provide the grade, width, thickness, coating, purchase quantity, destination port and samples(if have special requirement) ect.
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