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With an annual output of 30,000 tons, guangxi's first BA plate new product officially debuted

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On the morning of April 26,2022. in the precision strip workshop of Beigang New Materials Company, there were many witnesses, and the first new BA plate product in Guangxi produced by Beigang New Materials was officially unveiled.

This is the first stainless steel enterprise in South China with the ability to produce four-foot wide high-end precision stainless steel strip cold-rolled bright sheet. It also means that Beigang New Materials Company has taken a solid step in the extension of the industrial chain and the production of high value-added products.

BA plate production has stricter requirements on raw material selection, rolled plate shape, annealing temperature accuracy, and surface quality control. It is a difficult system engineering and represents the level of an enterprise's stainless steel production technology.

Since the start of construction of the Beigang New Material Precision Strip Project in February 2021, the project team has overcome difficulties such as severe epidemic situation, difficult seaside geological construction, new personnel, new equipment and new technology, and completed the construction tasks on time and with high quality.

In the production process of BA plates, all departments of the company cooperated with each other, gathered wisdom and tackled difficulties, and jointly completed the process optimization and problem-solving of the whole process from smelting to cold rolling, and finally achieved high-quality manufacturing of BA plates.

The 304/BA plate rolled off the line this time is produced by the precision strip horizontal bright annealing line of the cold rolling plant. The thickness of the product ranges from 0.15-0.8mm, the width is 1240mm, and the surface of the plate is fine, with excellent strength, precision and surface gloss. And special hardness and other properties, it has the advantages of low cost, high added value, energy saving and environmental protection, and can be used in construction, decoration, vehicle accessories, tanks, special containers, food processing, kitchen utensils, medical supplies, electronic circuit boards, etc. Has broad market prospects.

In recent years, Beigang New Materials has been market-oriented, adhered to the product structure adjustment and high-quality strategy, accelerated the research and development of new products, and continuously improved its market competitiveness.

In 2021, Beigang New Materials will develop 5 kinds of products including TN430 stainless steel, F500 and GN550, and achieve the ability to roll 200 series, 300 series and 400 series stainless steel, and also successfully roll high-end precision stainless steel, filling the gap in the precision field of stainless steel in Guangxi.

The successful production of the BA board is another breakthrough made by the company in product transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment, and complementing the industrial chain, bringing new profit growth points for the company. At the press conference, the company also signed a supply and marketing agreement with two strategic partners to jointly build a special steel processing industry and promote the extension of the special steel new material industry chain.

In 2022, Beigang New Materials will aim at the research and development of using laterite nickel ore to produce green and high-performance stainless steel for marine engineering, and will continue to move towards deeper high-precision fields, and actively respond to the national strategic deployment of building a "marine power".




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