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What is the skirting profile?

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Skirting profile is a special term used in decoration. In the room design, the inner corner line, the waistline, and the skirting profile play a visual balance function. Using their linear feeling, material, color, etc. to echo each other indoors, can play a better beautification decoration effect. The following will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of skirting profiles.

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A brief introduction of the skirting profile.

What is the function of the skirting profile?

What are the advantages of the skirting profile?

A brief introduction of the skirting profile.

The skirting profile plays a role in visual balance, and people use its linear feeling, material, color, etc. to echo each other indoors, which can play a better beautification and decoration effect. Another function of the skirting profile is its protective function. The skirting profile, as the name implies, is the area on the wall that can be kicked, so it is more susceptible to impact. The skirting profile can better make the wall and the ground bond firmly, reduce wall deformation, and avoid damage caused by external force collision. In addition, the skirting profile is easier to scrub. If the floor is splashed with dirty water, scrubbing is very convenient. In addition to its function of protecting the wall, the skirting profile also occupies a considerable proportion of the beauty of the home. It is the contour line of the ground, and the line of sight will often fall naturally on it. In general, the thickness of the skirting profile out of the wall is 5-10mm.

What is the function of the skirting profile?

1. Hide the gaps. After the floor is laid, the decorator often leaves a small gap. This is not cutting corners, but because the floor is just installed and unstable, and it is easy to expand and contract. If you don't leave a gap, the floors are easy to squeeze each other, causing deformation or even damage, especially the wooden floor, which is more likely to cause the above problems. The skirting profile can well hide the gap, which is both beautiful and prevents dust from entering.

2. Hidden lines. It is indispensable for home life to lay various lines. There is a certain space inside the skirting profile. When connecting the line, the wires can be hidden inside to protect the wires from damage, eliminate potential safety hazards, and make them more beautiful.

What are the advantages of the skirting profile?

1. Easy to clean. When sweeping the floor, if there is no skirting profile protection, it is easy to stain the wall, and then it will take a lot of effort to wipe it, which is very troublesome. After installing the skirting profile, you can safely clean the dust from the side of the wall, even if it is dirty, because the skirting profile is generally smooth in material, it is easy to clean up.

2. Visual transition. If the color difference between the wall and the floor is too large, it will appear abrupt and unsightly. At this time, you can use the skirting profile to make a transition to integrate the two more harmoniously and increase the sense of unity in the house space.

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