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What is the decorative trim?

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It may be necessary to use a special material to achieve the desired effect during home decoration. For example, a large number of metal decorative trims are used in a lightly luxuriously decorated space, whether it is a partial wall decoration, or a ceiling or furniture edging. The use of metal decorative trims of different colors can enhance the decoration level of the space. The following will share with you a new type of decorative material: decorative trims.

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  1. What is the decorative trim?

  2. What are the classifications of decorative strips?

  3. What are the purchasing skills of decorative strips?

What is the decorative trim?

Decorative trims play a beautiful role in decoration. It is a line that protrudes or is inlaid on the wall. The quota stipulates that the installation works of decorative trims are calculated according to the length of the centerline of the line. Generally speaking, the waistline, window cover line, cornice line, etc. that highlight the wall, as well as the finished decorative trim of GRC cement products, can all be considered as decorative trims. The decorative trim has excellent decorative effects and is easy to install. It can not only decorate the wall but also be used for exterior wall decoration.

What are the classifications of decorative strips?

1. Wooden thread. The wooden lines are made of hardwood, and the surface is painted. There are various styles of wooden lines, including semicircular lines, right angles, and oblique lines.

2. Metal lines. The metal lines are relatively light and have good wear resistance. They are divided into aluminum gold wires and stainless steel wires. In addition to decorating walls, they can also be used for furniture edging and sliding grooves for glass doors and carpet closing lines. The metal decorative trim has a smooth surface, which is very suitable for modern style.

3. Plaster lines. Plaster lines mainly refer to decorative trim made of fibers such as plaster and bone glue. In addition to being used to decorate walls, they are also often used to decorate ceiling corners and wall waistlines.

What are the purchasing skills of decorative strips?

1. The wooden decorative trims must be smooth and flat on the surface, with or without burrs, whether they are bent or inclined, and whether there is a color difference. If the finished paint is uneven, it will be easy to grow mold, cracks, and insects.

2. The color of the metal decorative trim depends on the color, the color is bright, and the surface is smooth, there is no big problem

3. The surface of the plaster line should be white and feel, with clear edges and corners, no bubbles and cracks, and the yellow and cracked plasterboard must be inferior, and there will be several layers of fiber mesh in the section.

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