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What is a titanium stainless steel sheet?

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In recent years, titanium stainless steel sheets have become more and more widely used due to their uniqueness. titanium stainless steel sheets are all the rage. Do you know titanium stainless steel sheets? Take a look next and you will be able to understand the relevant things.

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What are the applications?

In addition, the use of titanium stainless steel sheets to manufacture household appliances, cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, and bathroom appliances will be deeply loved by consumers. titanium stainless steel sheet is a very good decorative material, and it is used to decorate it to show its elegant and luxurious quality. titanium stainless steel sheets can withstand general molding processing, drawing and bending processing, and work hardening. In addition to the titanium stainless steel sheet used for building exterior walls and window frame decoration, it can also be used in many other fields. For example, a black titanium stainless steel sheet can be used to make solar collectors, and the selected heat absorption rate can reach 91% to 93%. In the arts and crafts industry, the titanium stainless steel sheet is combined with printing, and the etching, grinding, and dot method can be used to produce colorless three-dimensional relief murals and hanging screens.

What are the classifications of titanium stainless steel sheets?

Classified by process

A. Electroplating: the process of attaching a metal film to the surface of metal or other materials by electrolysis. It can play a role in preventing corrosion, improving wear resistance, electrical conductivity, light reflection, and enhancing aesthetics.  

B. Water Plating:In the aqueous solution does not rely on an external power source. It is a process that relies on the reducing agent in the plating solution to carry out a chemical reduction reaction so that the metal ions are continuously reduced on the autocatalytic surface to form a metal plating layer.  

C. Paint spraying:Spray the paint into a mist with compressed air and apply it on the titanium stainless steel sheet to form different colors.

How to install it?

1. Install the keel skeleton: install the basic keel skeleton, remember to check the verticality and flatness repeatedly

2. Fixed bottom plate: The bottom plate is usually 5-12mm thick plywood. The construction method and requirements are the same as the ordinary installation floor. Please note that the screw head cannot be higher than the bottom surface.

3. Fixed panel: Before installation, please complete the finished shape according to the design size and requirements. When there is a bottom plate, apply general glue on the back of the bottom plate and the stainless steel, and then gently paste the prepared titanium stainless steel sheet on the bottom plate; when there is no bottom plate, fix the pretreated titanium stainless steel sheet on the keel, And use stainless steel screws or directly welded to the keel.

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