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Use of tile edging profiles

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The tile edge profile is a decorative line used for the 90-degree convex corner wrap angle processing of the tile. It uses the bottom plate as the surface and is made into a 90-degree fan-shaped arc on one side, and the material is PVC, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. The following will give you a detailed introduction to the relevant knowledge of the tile edge profiles.

Here is the content list:

  1. Basic introduction of the tile edge profile.

  2. What are the benefits ofsusing tile edge profiles?

  3. Use steps of the tile edge profiles.

Basic introduction of the tile edge profile.

There are non-slip teeth or hole-like patterns on the bottom of the tile edge profile, which is convenient to fully integrate with the wall and the tiles. The edge of the fan-shaped arc of the tile edge profile has a limited bevel edge, which is used to limit the installation position of the tile or stone. According to the thickness of the tile, the edge contour of the tile is divided into two specifications, which are suitable for 10mm and 8mm thick tiles, and the length is mostly about 2.5 meters. The edge contours of tiles are widely used because of the advantages of simple installation, low cost, effective protection of tiles, and reduction of collision hazards caused by 90-degree convex angles of tiles.

What are the benefits of using tile edge profiles?

1. Convenient installation, saving labor, time, and materials. When using the tile edge profiles, the tile or stone does not need to be cornered, but the master who can paste the tile and stone only needs three nails to complete the installation.

2. The decoration is beautiful and bright. The tile edge profiles are smooth and the lines are straight, which can effectively ensure the straightness of the corners and make the decorative corners more three-dimensional.

3. The colors are rich and can be matched with the same color to achieve the consistency of brick surface and edge line, or different colors can be matched to form a contrast.

4. The tile edge profiles can well protect the corners of the tile.

5. The product has good environmental performance, and the various raw materials used have no adverse effects on the human body and the environment.

6. Safe, the arc and the right angle reduce the harm caused by collision.

Use steps of the tile edge profiles.

1. Use three nails to fix the corner line at the installation place so that the edge of the tile is parallel to the wall. (Note: When the external angle line is fixed, reserve the same space as the thickness of the tiles used to connect the edge contour of the tile that is needed when the wall corner and the other side are tiled.)

2. Lay the tile adhesive or cement on the tile edge profiles, stick the tiles, and keep the arc surface of the edge of the tiles close to the joints of the tiles.

3. Lay the tiles on the other side. Use the tiles against the edge of the tile to keep the edge of the tile and the tile at the contact point smooth and seamless.

4. After the tiles are laid, wipe the tile edge profiles and the arc surface of the tiles clean, and the installation is complete.

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