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Top five nickel mines in the world in 2020

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  1. Kola Division

    Kola division operates five mines with the largest production in the world. Nickel smelting center is located in Kola Peninsula near the border between Norway and Finland. In 2020, Kola lead the world with 172,000 tons of production.

  2. Nickel West

    BHP's Nickel West business operates three mines with the second largest output. The output was 75,000 tons in 2020. It mines low-grade nickel sulfide ore and high-grade nickel sulfide ore respectively. BHP is expanding its nickel exposure by buying nickel mining rights in Western Australia.

  3. Sorowako

    Since 1969, mining and processing have been used to produce high matte nickel from laterite nickel ore near Sulawesi island in Vale. The products are sold under a long-term contract. The total area of the region is 190,509 hectares, and the output was 72,000 tons in 2020.

  4. Rio Tuba

    Nickel Asia's Rio Tuba mine, located in Lawang Province, Philippines, ranks fourth with 67,000 tons of production in 2020. The open pit mine exports sapropel and limonite and provides limonite and non mining services to the nearby HPAL factory.

  5. Sudbury

    Glencore has been developing nickel copper deposits in the Sudbury region since 1928, which are located throughout the Sudbury basin. The output was 57,000 tons in 2020.




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