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The meeting of Taiyuda Group & China Zheshang Bank about stainless steel industry development

Views: 0     Author: JD Huo     Publish Time: 2021-06-24      Origin: TYD Group

2                          Meeting with China Zheshang Bank


Tyd Grp Chairman: Lin Hongbiao


President of China Zheshang Bank: Xu Renyan

Xu Renyan, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of the head office of Zheshang Bank, with the leaders of various branches, visited taiyuda group, the leader supplier of stainless steel materials, together. Lin Hongbiao, chairman of the group, warmly received and discussed new cooperation modes with the leaders. During the meeting, leaders of all parties put forward innovative development models and expanded new ideas, which wants to create a win-win situation.

On the basis of the existing cooperation business, the leaders conducted detailed business exchanges. According to the development prospect of stainless steel industry, Xu Renyan, President of Zheshang Bank, integrated the emerging trend of financial sector, provided professional suggestions for the development direction and mode of taiyuda group, and believed that stainless steel industry and financial industry could integrate to create a new cooperation mode. Lin Hongbiao, chairman of the group, agrees with President Xu's views, and looks forward to the future development and cooperation on the professional opinions of stainless steel industry.




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