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In-depth understanding of the prospects of the stainless steel tube industry

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Stainless steel tube is a hollow long round steel, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, machinery and instrumentation, and other industrial tube lines and mechanical structural parts. Next, we will give a detailed introduction to its characteristics and prospects.


Here is the content list:

  1. The difference between stainless steel pipe and stainless steel tube.

  2. The historical development of stainless steel tubes.

  3. The development prospects of stainless steel tubes.


The difference between stainless steel pipe and stainless steel tube.


The stainless steel pipe is a circular cross-section pipe conforming to ASME B36.10M and ASME B36.19M. There are some special stainless steel pipes and round stainless steel tubes that do not meet these specifications. The nominal outer diameter corresponds to the actual outer diameter, which is called a tube. In addition, stainless steel pipes are used to transfer fluids, and stainless steel tubes are used to conduct heat.


The historical development of stainless steel tubes.


Any steel that is open at both ends and has a hollow section, and whose length is larger than the circumference of the section, can be called a stainless steel tube. When the length is small compared with the perimeter of the section, it can be called a tube section or a tube fitting, and they all belong to the category of tube products.

For more than sixty years, architects have been choosing stainless steel tubes to build cost-effective permanent buildings. Many existing buildings fully illustrate the correctness of this choice. Some are very ornamental, such as the Chrysler Building in New York City. But in many other applications, the role of stainless steel tube is not so compelling, but it plays an important role in the aesthetics and performance of the building. For example, because the stainless steel tube has more wear resistance and indentation resistance than other metal materials of the same thickness, it is the material of choice for designers when building sidewalks in places with high population flows.

The stainless steel tube has been used as a structural material for the construction of new buildings and the restoration of historical sites for more than 70 years. The early design was calculated according to basic principles. Today, design specifications, such as the American Society of Civil Engineers' standard ANSI/ASCE-8-90 "Code for Design of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Structural Parts" and the "Structural Stainless Steel Design Manual" jointly published by NiDI and Euro Inox have simplified the long service life. Design of structural parts for buildings with good integrity.


The development prospects of stainless steel tubes.


Stainless steel tubes are safe, reliable, hygienic, environmentally friendly, economical, and applicable. The thin-walled tubes and the successful development of new reliable, simple, and convenient connection methods give it more irreplaceable advantages for other tubes, and more and more applications in engineering, The use will become more and more popular, and the prospect is promising.

As the stainless steel tube has many ideal properties required by building materials, it can be said to be unique among metals, and its development continues. To make stainless steel perform better in traditional applications, the existing types have been improved, and to meet the strict requirements of advanced construction applications, new stainless steels are being developed. Due to continuous improvement in production efficiency and continuous quality improvement, stainless steel has become one of the most cost-effective materials chosen by architects.

The stainless steel tube combines performance, appearance, and use characteristics, so stainless steel will still be one of the best building materials in the world.


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