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How to recognize the differences between series 201 and series 304 stainless steel?

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There are 3 different categories of stainless steel, including austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel and martensitic stainless steel. Over 150 grades of stainless within these 3 different series of stainless steel, such as austenitic (nonmagnetic): 201, 304, and 316L etc; ferritic and martensitic (magnetic): 410, 416 and 420 etc.

Different series of stainless steel can be used in several different approaches. There are industrial tube, electron tube, condenser tube, petrochemical pipe, food hygiene tube, furniture tube and so on. Although, most of the stainless steel are formed by carbon, silicon nickel, chromium, different series consist different amount of chemical elements, which can make a huge different.

How to ensure clients purchase the suitable stainless steel production, in order to produce their products effectively?

Detection without professional equipment:

By using magnet, we can only distinguish the category of tested products, whether austenitic or ferritic, but the grades cannot be verified.

Stainless steel testing potion is also an option for detection, but this method cannot detect the amount of each element. For instance, it can only detect a specific volume of nickel and manganese, while silicon, carbon, phosphorus and chromium can hardly be detected.

Detection with professional equipment:

Spectrum analyzer can assist us to identify the grade of stainless steel, also to detect the amount of chemical elements it consists of.

We own a professional stainless steel R&D centre:

Sumwin (a subsidiary company of TYD Group) has own the Guang Dong Stainless Steel Precision Welded Pipe Engineering Technology Research Centre in their factory. The existence of the lab that is to ensure our products can meet international and domestic standard,  while numerous detection equipment like spike spectrum analyzer are provided in the lab.




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