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How to choose cold rolled stainless steel coil?

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Cold rolled stainless steel coilis made of hot-rolled stainless steel strip as the billet and further cold-rolled. Compared with the hot-rolled strip, it has higher dimensional accuracy, low surface roughness, good surface quality, smoothness, and higher strength. Therefore, thinner cold-rolled strips can be used instead of thicker hot-rolled strips for the same purpose to save steel consumption, which is of great economic significance. Next, we will carefully introduce the cold rolled stainless steel coil.

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Classification of cold rolled stainless steel coil

The so-called cold rolled stainless steel coilproduction is not simply "cold rolling". Annealing, pickling, grinding, etc. are required before cold rolling, and flattening, straightening, shearing, and stacking are required after cold rolling, so it is the whole process from the hot-rolled coil to the production of the cold-rolled product. Cold rolled stainless steel coil must undergo annealing, solution treatment, aging treatment, and other heat treatments before delivery. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel cold-rolled coils mainly depends on its alloy composition and the internal structure of the stainless steel coil, and the main role is chromium.

Features of cold rolled stainless steel coil

Cold rolled stainless steel coil: It is processed and rolled based on a hot-rolled stainless steel plate and coil. Generally speaking, it is a process of hot rolling→pickling→cold rolling. Although rolling will also heat the steel plate during the processing process, it is still called stainless steel cold rolled coil. Because of the hot-rolled cold rolled stainless steel coil after continuous cold deformation, the mechanical properties are relatively poor and the hardness is too high. It must be annealed to restore its mechanical properties, and the ones that are not annealed are called rolled hard coils. Rolled hard coils are generally used to make products that do not need to be bent or stretched. The cold rolled stainless steel coil has a certain degree of work hardening, low toughness, and more expensive; the cold-rolled steel sheet has no oxide scale on the surface and is of good quality; Products made of cold rolled stainless steel coilhave high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality; cold-rolled stainless steel coil is widely used in various industries due to its production process.

Advantages of cold rolled stainless steel coil

The cold rolled stainless steel coil has a fast forming speed, high output, and does not damage the coating. It can be made into a variety of cross-sectional forms to meet the needs of use conditions; cold rolling can cause large plastic deformation of steel, thereby The yield point of steel. The cold-rolled stainless steel coil allows partial buckling of the section so that the bearing capacity of the bar after buckling can be fully utilized.

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