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How to choose and make hot rolled stainless steel coil?

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A hot r olled stainless steel coil is a stainless steel steel plate produced by a hot-rolling process. Those with a thickness of not more than 3mm are thin plates, and those with a thickness of more than 3mm are thick plates, which are used to manufacture corrosion-resistant parts, containers, and equipment in the chemical, petroleum, machinery, shipbuilding, and other industries. Hot rolled stainless steel coilhas a wide range of uses and plays a very important role in life. Next, we will introduce hot rolled stainless steel coil to you.

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Several uses of hot rolled stainless steel coil

Hot rolling: It is relative to cold rolling. Cold rolling is rolling below the recrystallization temperature, while hot rolling is rolling above the recrystallization temperature. Hot-rolled stainless steel plate is used as structural steel to produce general structural steel and welded structural steel. It is mainly used for the production of steel structural parts, bridges, ships, and vehicles. the hot rolled stainless steel coilis used as weather-resistant steel with special elements (P, Cu, C, etc.), which has good corrosion resistance and atmospheric corrosion resistance. It is used in the production of containers and special vehicles and also used in building structures. At the same time, it can also be used as a high-strength steel plate with good performance and welding performance as automotive structural steel for automotive production.

Advantages of hot rolled stainless steel coil

Hot rolled stainless steel coilhas low hardness, easy processing, and good ductility. The strength of hot-rolled stainless steel plate is relatively low, the surface quality is poor, but the plasticity is good, generally medium and thick plates, cold-rolled plates: high strength, high hardness, high surface finish, generally thin plates, can be used as stamping plates. Hot-rolled stainless steel:The mechanical properties of steel plates are far inferior to cold working and second to forging processing, but they have better toughness and ductility. Because hot-rolled stainless steel coil products have excellent properties such as high strength, good toughness, easy processing and forming, and good weldability, they are widely used in manufacturing industries such as ships, automobiles, bridges, construction, machinery, and pressure vessels. With the increasing maturity of hot-rolled dimensional accuracy, shape, surface quality, and other new control technologies and the continuous advent of new products, hot-rolled stainless steel coils, and strip products have been more and more widely used and have become more and more powerful in the market.

The production process of hot-rolled stainless steel plate

The hot rolled stainless steel coiladopts an improved Sendzimir annealing process, and the raw material is a hot-rolled pickled coil. Hot-rolled stainless steel coils The hot steel strip from the last rolling mill of finishing rolling is cooled to a set temperature by laminar flow, and then coiled into steel strip coils by the coiler. The cooled steel strip coils undergo different processes according to the different needs of users. The finishing line (flattening, straightening, cross-cutting or slitting, inspection, weighing, packaging and marking, etc.) is processed into steel plates, flat coils, and slitting steel strip products.

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