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How about the performance of 201 stainless steel coil?

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201 stainless steel coil is a 200 series austenitic stainless steel developed by replacing Ni elements with Mn and N elements. This steel has good corrosion resistance and hot and cold processing properties, and it replaces 304 products used in low-corrosive environments such as indoors, inland cities, and outdoors. The success of the application of 201 stainless steel coil is that it is possible to replace 304 stainless steel in some specific applications, and it is not dangerous. So what is the specific performance of the 201 stainless steel coil?

Here is the content list:

  1. What is the purpose of 201 stainless steel coil?

  2. Is 201 stainless steel coil food grade?

  3. Under what circumstances will 201 stainless steel rust?

What is the purpose of 201 stainless steel coil?

201 stainless steel coil has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, high density, no bubbles, no pinholes, and so on. It is used to produce high-quality materials for various watch cases and watchband bottom covers. Mainly used to make decorative tubes, industrial tubes, and some shallow stretched products. 201 stainless steel coil has strong corrosion resistance and high-temperature oxidation resistance. However, the oxidation rate will be affected by inherent factors such as exposure environment and product morphology, causing this characteristic to slowly decrease or even disappear. 201 stainless steel coil can keep the surface clean, so its heat transfer is better than other metals with higher thermal conductivity, so its reuse will be particularly important.

Is 201 stainless steel coil food grade?

201 stainless steel coil is not food grade. According to the relevant regulations of the food industry, most food containers will not use 201 stainless steel, because 201 contains 3.5 to 5.5 nickel, so 201 stainless steel is suitable in humid environments or contact with water. It Will is easier to rust 201 stainless steel is stainless steel that replaces nickel with manganese. Manganese poisoning is usually limited to people who mine and refine the ore. Long-term exposure to manganese can cause neurological symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease or Wilson's disease. Generally, people have not found reports of poisoning in daily use of manganese-containing utensils.

Under what circumstances will 201 stainless steel rust

201 stainless steel coil has strong corrosion resistance, but it will rust if used improperly. Under what circumstances will rust?

1. Transportation: Land transportation is commonly used nowadays. Everyone knows that the bottom plate of trucks is made of steel plate. When the paint on the bottom plate disappears after a long period of wear and tear, the iron rust will be exposed, and 201 stainless steel coil roll rubs against the rust on the bottom plate for a long time during transportation, and then it is not used for a long time in a relatively humid place. In this case, the surface is prone to rust.

2. During the maintenance process, when you get the stainless steel pipe product, if you don't pay attention to maintenance, there are stains, or if you don't clean it for a long time, it is easy to cause corrosion and rust.

In the process of using stainless steel welded pipe, attention should be paid to maintenance to prevent rust and reduce the service life.

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