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Duplex Stainless Steel S32001 in Subway Auxiliary Facilities

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On March 12, 2022, China Steel Structure Association organized a video conference on scientific and technological achievements evaluation on "R&D and Application of Key Technologies of Duplex Stainless Steel S32001 in Subway Auxiliary Facilities". The project was jointly completed by Qingdao Metro Group Co., Ltd., Shandong University and other units. At the meeting, Professor Wang Peijun from Shandong University, on behalf of the project team, reported the research background, key innovative technologies and application of the results. The members of the evaluation committee reviewed the technical materials, and after inquiries and discussions, they believed that the main innovative achievements of the project were as follows:

Through technical and economic research on the strength, bearing capacity, impact resistance, fatigue, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, anti-loosening and other properties of various stainless steel materials and components and components, the pre-embedded channel and comprehensive support and hanger are developed based on duplex stainless steel S32001. , brackets and fasteners and other rail transit auxiliary facilities products, with excellent high strength, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance and other characteristics

For the first time, S32001 was applied to rail transit pre-embedded channels, with excellent corrosion resistance and fatigue performance; making full use of the high-strength characteristics of S32001, the wall thickness of the C-shaped channel steel of the comprehensive support and hanger was optimized, and the weight of the product was reduced by about 20%; S32001 was developed The new bracket system reduces material consumption by about 60%; M12 and M10 series S32001 fasteners and toothed hexagonal flange lock nuts are developed to solve the problems of existing stainless steel fasteners being seized and falsely tightened.

The bracket stamping and forming equipment has been transformed and optimized to realize the rapid prototyping of the S32001 special-shaped crimping section bracket; the intelligent robot welding equipment for the interval bracket has been developed, which can intelligently identify the position of the welding seam and implement three-dimensional space fillet welding, realizing the high quality and high efficiency of the bracket. welding.

The duplex stainless steel S32001 embedded channel, comprehensive support and hanger, bracket and fastener developed in this project have good durability, are economical and applicable, have significant economic, social and environmental benefits, and have broad application prospects. The evaluation committee believes that the duplex stainless steel S32001 has reached the international advanced level in the research and development of rail transit auxiliary facilities as a whole.




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